When did you begin putting down roots in Bonner County?

I discovered this area during a road trip 20 years ago.  I decided then that I would make it my goal to live here one day. 

How did you achieve that goal?

In 2011 I purchased my first home in Bonner County.  Then in 2017 I bought a home in East Hope and started spending more time here.  I got to know more people and began to learn the area.

When did you establish fulltime residency in Bonner County?

In the summer of 2020 I found a buyer for my business in Washington and became a fulltime resident.  I purchased the home in Selle Valley where we currently live.

Did you spend all your time here from that point on?

No.  Selling my company was complicated, involving two foreign corporations and a lot of moving parts.  It took a year and a half to conclude the deal.  During that time I went back and forth.

Did you consider running for office during that time?

It never crossed my mind, I was here to retire.  Had it been my intention to run for office I would have switched everything over to Idaho as soon as I was able.  I did however, start Keep Bonner County Rural (KBCR) in 2021 and got heavily involved in Bonner County Issues.

What made you decide to run for Commissioner?

I was drafted by people who learned about me through the actions of KBCR.  Some of them I had gotten to know well, some only knew about me through my actions.  They knew we needed change and saw that I had the skills and temperament to be a commissioner.

So you were drafted by KBCR?

No.  My supporters are from varying backgrounds and political beliefs working to keep our rural lifestyle and values.

Did you recently vote in Washington?

Yes.  I felt my vote was very important in narrowly contested race.

Is the election system different in Washington?

Yes.  Washington is mail-in only, with long windows to turn in ballots.

Which state’s system do you prefer?



Washington often changes electoral policy and practices to prevent conservatives from getting a foothold.

Why did you vote in Washington in 2020?

I was trying to get Loren Culp elected to help the state where I was still doing business. 

Why did you wait until 2021 to obtain your Idaho driver license?

I was under the mistaken impression that if I had an Idaho driver license my Washington Concealed Carry License would no longer be valid.  I did not want to give up my right to legally carry concealed while traveling to and from Washington.  As soon as I learned that was not an issue I immediately got my Idaho driver license.