“Property Rights” is a phrase often touted as a priority by my opponents and the sitting Commissioners but rarely is it said with any credence to its real meaning or specifically how they intend to protect property rights. I am steadfastly for property rights – no exceptions.

It is often said that property rights means you can do anything you want on your property. The reality is you can do anything you want on your property that is within the law.

The US Constitution, the Idaho Constitution, the Idaho Local Land Use Planning Act (LLUPA) and the Bonner County Comprehensive Plan, all state that Property Rights means that if the government takes your land, or deprives you of all economic value of your land, that you must be fairly compensated.

When it comes to development of rural lands and density increases beyond what the law allows, the rights of surrounding property owners must not be denied in favor of the rights of the developers. When the Commissioners state that they must grant a developer a density increase because not doing so will violate his property rights, they are grossly misstating the facts.

Again – I am committed to protecting property rights for all.