I purchased my first home in Bonner County in 2011 after having made the decision to make it my future home in the early 2000s.  In 2020 I found a buyer for my business in Seattle and moved into the Selle Valley home where we now live. 

From that time until December 2021 I went back and forth between Idaho and Seattle while working toward the completion of the sale of my business.  During that period, I kept my Washington driver license because I was under the mistaken impression that obtaining an Idaho license would render my Washington concealed pistol license invalid.  I was not willing to give up my ability to legally carry concealed in WA.

In October 2021 I learned that my WA CPP would still be valid even if I obtained an ID driver license, so I immediately did so. At that time I attempted to register to vote in Bonner County but the elections office was closed due to employees in that office having been exposed to Covid.  Online registration was unavailable at that time because three Idaho counties were having runoff elections.  I had to travel back to WA so was unable to be here when the office reopened.  Online registration reopened on 12/01, and I registered that day.

Because I was unable to register in Idaho until after the November election was over, I went ahead and voted in WA – legally.  There was a very close race for city attorney between a Republican and a Democrat declared socialist.  I was able to cast my vote for the Republican and help her win.  We kept the socialist out.  Part of keeping socialists out of Idaho is keeping them from getting a foothold in neighboring states. 

Voting in Washington while residing in Idaho did not violate any law in either state.  In fact when checking with the Secretary of State in both states and elections offices in both counties, I learned that the practice is quite common.  It’s only a problem if you try to register and/or vote in two states.  I never did that.

During all that time I had no intention to run for elected office – my plan was to retire.  Had I planned on running, I could easily have orchestrated everything differently, but how was I to know people would be looking at every move I made in the last two years trying to trip me up?

I am on the ballot legally.  I voted legally.  I have broken no law, violated no rule, told no untruth.  Period.