The start of a new journey

The hero archetype has been known throughout history, and their story follows the hero’s journey. It is the cycle of being sent out on an adventure, encountering troubles and challenges, reaching a final symbolic death and rebirth, and finally returning to their former environment with newfound knowledge and understanding. We see this countless times in stories, in mythology, and in religion. Today it is my turn.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

— Chinese philosopher Laozi

I’m setting off on a journey to understand various cultures throughout the world. During this time, I hope to gain empathy and insight into how the world is seen differently by each culture. I will most certainly encounter perils and challenges that will cause great trepidation, but with love, I will overcome. My worry is the final symbolic moment where I might hope to be reborn with fresh new insights and experiences. But my greater dread is the possibility that the point of rebirth may not come at all. I will keep my eyes wide, take in all that I can, and throw caution to the wind.

I am ready to grow. I am ready to share my experiences.

Adventures with an SLR camera

I’ve never thought of myself as a photographer, but yet here I am, taking photos and writing stories. I find myself grabbing my camera and taking it with me wherever I go. Whether it’s to a friends apartment, the store, or to the park, I’m always carrying my SLR camera with me. It’s been a conversation starter for many, and has proven to be valuable in more than a handful of occasions.

One time at the park I saw a young man propose to a young woman. Without hesitation, I started clicking away at the event. So many wonderful memories were caught on film. Afterwards I went up to the couple, congratulated them, and offered to send them some photos. They were overjoyed and welcomed my spurious intrusion of camera clicks. In exchange, they bought me lunch and shared their story. I was so touched by their adventures.

Gadgets and workspace gallery

Remember my plans to join photography with my love for writing? Well, here’s my first gallery with some of my recent photos: